Rumble in the Jungle III – O Imperium contra Thraka (English version).

Rumble in the Jungle III – O Imperium contra Thraka (English version).

Olá Leitor!


Esta é a versão em inglês de nosso artigo sobre o 3º Rumble in the Jungle, um torneio do jogo Warhammer 40.000 organizado na cidade de Cuiabá/MT pelo blog “The Painting Frog” nos dias 22 e 23 de julho de 2017. Você pode conferir a versão em português deste artigo clicando este link.




Hello Reader!


Whew! Time does fly by! In the blink of an eye there have been three editions of the “Rumble in the Jungle” tournament. By now it is becoming increasingly difficult to write an article about it without sounding repetitive, but I must admit once again that not even in my wildest dreams I’d imagine so many people would come all the way to Cuiabá in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso to play Warhammer 40.000.


“If you build it, he will come” is a quote from an old movie (SPOILER ALERT) where a guy builds a baseball field in the middle of nowhere where spirits come to play, it is a powerful sentence and it survives over the course of the years even more than the original movie (“Field of Dreams”) and it encompasses the idea that if we do something, with care and dedication I believe, people will show up and use your creation (or be a part of it). I also think that explains a little about the growing success of the “Rumble in the Jungle” event, which has grown and gained enthusiasts over the years.



























For its third edition, “Rumble in the Jungle III – O Imperium Contra Thraka” (a pun on the name of the “Empire Strikes Back” movie name in Brazil) has received its highest number of participants to this day, with players from previous years returning and brand new faces coming to test their mettle in the jungle for the first time.


Returning for the 3rd Rumble we had Felipe “Castelo” Castello Branco from Rio de Janeiro/RJ; Vitor “VoidBR” Kenner from Sobradinho/RS; Leonardo “Monty” Cabral Colombo from Canoas/RS; Ismael Schröer from Novo Hamburgo/RS; Charlie Scalabrin from Cuiabá/MT; Everton “Ton” Furegatto from Cuiabá/MT and Marcelo Guedes from São José dos Campos/SP.


The newcomers this time were “Arhurt” Bobany from Porto Alegre/RS; Luiz Felipe Baldo Marques from Santa Cruz do Sul/RS; André Mancini from Cuiabá/MT; Valter Camelo from Cuiabá/MT; Sócrates “Peacecraft” Kentaro from São Paulo/SP; Luiz Guilherme Volpato from Cuiabá/MT and Jefferson Filgueiras from Cuiabá/MT


Seeing all the names together makes you realize that’s a bunch of people, right? Well I think it is unnecessary to say here how pleased I was to see so many people enrolled for the event.













I’ll go ahead and take this chance to thank the friends that answered my invitation to participate taking the spots of some people that cancelled their participation at the last minute. Thank you Valter, Volpato and Jefferson. I owe you guys one.


Seeing all the interest in the event it was clear to me I’d have to move fast to welcome all the attendants as they deserved. Until then the previous editions of the Rumble needed 4 tables to accommodate participants but this time we would need a record 7 tables with accompanying scenery pieces, not an easy feat to accomplish. I was very fortunate to be able to count between my sponsors with the generous guy behind  GAMEMAT.EU, which not only sent us 3 of their incredibly beautiful gaming mats but also a full scenery set to dress one of them, so all I needed to do was to come up with extra scenery pieces with which to dress the remaining tables.

































With all the hard work done it was only a matter of waiting for the event’s date and the arrival of our participants and as promised, they came over for a weekend of gaming.


As in previous years the “Rumble in the Jungle III – O Imperium Contra Thraka” was disputed over the course of two days, the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July, 2017, with attendees facing each other in five rounds, three of them on Saturday and the final two on Sunday.


Matches were set up initially in a way that prevented players from the same club, or city, to face each other during the first round of the tournament, and from them on we used the Swiss-system and the criteria established in our event manual.
































If you’re already a follower of the blog’s social media platforms (like our  Facebook  and  Instagram pages) you’ve already seen a lot of exclusive material pertaining to the event while it happened and have also had the chance of checking a lot of pictures and our event results (we have published two exclusive albuns on Facebook, here and here). You’re not a follower yet? I’d like to take this opportunity and encourage you to follow us both on Facebook and Instagram as each of those platforms has exclusive content published quite often and it allows us to be in touch more often than through the blog (this article alone took over 3 months to be published).


This edition of the “Rumble in the Jungle” was the one that awarded more trophies to enrolled participants, with a total of 10 prizes being disputed, so, in theory, only 4 players would return home without a trophy, but “Rumble in the Jungle III – O Imperium Contra Thraka” once again saw the prizes being awarded to those that excelled in the hobby aspects being judged.


These were our results:



1 –  Felipe Castello Branco – 5094 pts. (Space Marines)

2 – Arthur Bobany – 4074 pts. (Necrons)

3 – Marcelo Guedes – 3558 pts. (Necrons)

4 – Sócrates Kentaro – 3053 pts. (Deathguard)

5 – Ismael Schröer – 3050 pts. (Tau)

6 -André Mancini – 2543 pts. (Tau)

7 – Charlie Scalabrin – 2537 pts. (Space Marines)

8 – Leonardo Cabral Colombo – 2534 pts. (Deathwatch)

9 – Vitor Kenner – 2045 pts. (Ynarri)

10 – Valter Camelo – 2041 pts. (Black Templars)

11 – Luiz Guilherme Volpato – 2036 pts (Dark Angels)

12 – Luiz Felipe Baldo – 1533 pts. (Orks)

13 – Everton Furegatto – 1526 pts. (Tau)

14 – Jefferson Filgueiras – 27 pts. (Blood Angels)



1 – Arthur Bobany – 46 pts. (Necrons)

2 – Everton Furegatto – 44 pts. (Tau)

3 – Sócrates Kentaro – 40 pts. (Deathguard)

4 – Ismael Schröer – 39 pts. (Tau)

5 – Vitor Kenner – 36 pts. (Ynarri)

6 – Marcelo Guedes – 24 pts. (Necrons)



Arthur Bobany (Necrons)



Leonardo Colombo (Deathwatch)



Sócrates Kentaro com o Daemon Prince de Nurgle (Deathguard).



Everton Furegatto (Tau).


3rd Place for the “Best General” award – Marcelo Guedes.


2nd Place for the “Best General” award – Artur Bobany.


1st Place for the “Best General” award for the second year in a row – Felipe Castello.


3rd Place for the “Best Painted Army” award – Sócrates Matsuura and his Death Guard.


2nd Place for the “Best Painted Army” award – Everton “Ton” Furegatto and his Tau.


1st Place for the “Best Painted Army” award – Arthur Bobany and his Dakhma Dinasty Necrons.


For the “Best Converted Model” prize we had Sócrates Matsuura and his Nurgle Daemon Prince.


Looking surprised with his “Favorite Oponent” prize the steemed Leonardo Colombo.


For “Best Painted Army – Player’s Choice” we had Everton “Ton” Furegatto and his Tau.


And for the covetted “Overall Champion” award we had Arthur Bobany!



In my opinion, If I am allowed one, I think this edition of the Rumble has surpassed the previous ones and sets the bar for upcoming “Rumble” events in all aspects. The success of the previous editions has certainly raised the interest bringing a lot more people to play, which as a consequence has completely altered the event’s metagaming. Excluding Castello’s dominance when it comes to the game itself (which he really dominates and in which he achieved a perfect scorecard this time, if memory serves me right), I found the Warhammer 40K tournament extremely disputed, with some critical matches happening at the final rounds and with lots of players having real chances of winning (at least second and third places).


I also found this year’s edition the most beautiful to date. Visually speaking the Rumble in the Jungle III was a treat for those into wargaming and miniature painting, with beautifully set tables with painted scenery pieces dressing them and, most importantly, FANTASTIC armies, with most of them painted to very high standards and with a record number of 6 participants disputing the “Best Painted Army” prize.


Even the prizes awarded by voting (“Favorite Oponent” and “Best Painted Army – Player’s Choice”, voted by participants) and the “Best Conversion” prize (voted by a judging comission) were extremely disputed with winners being decided by a tiny margin of votes, or a split decision.


I’m happy to report that even with a tournament so disputed, NO ONE returned home empty handed because the 3rd edition of the Rumble in the Jungle was also the one with the highest number of sponsors, both national and international, with a total number of 12 (RoleplayLúdicaES JOGOSTonWorksCervejaria LouvadaTaverna Corvo Negro, Magus Boardgames, Figone – JBT figure art, Happy Games FactoryDiscount_Games_StoreDon’t Panic Games e, thus ensuring that EVERY participant returned home not with one, but with at least two prizes. I think no one returned home sad this time.


A gaming ruler, given to all participants as a token of their attendance.


Tournament T-shirts given to Luiz Felipe Baldo and Sócrates, courtesy of “The Painting Frog” blog.


Luiz Guilherme Volpato won one of the games courtesy of the “Lúdica” Games Store.


Vitor Kenner won another of the board games courtesy of Lúdica.


Marcelo Guedes won a dice tray, courtesy of Ton Works.


Leonardo Colombo won a Warhammer 40.000 miniature, courtesy of Doc’s Games Store.


Ismael Schroer won another board game, courtesy of Lúdica.


Felipe Castello won a Figopedia book, courtesy of Figone.


Jefferson Filgueiras won a MDF scenery piece, courtesy of Ton Works.


Baldo and Charlie also won scenery pieces, courtesy of Ton Works.


Proving he was indeed Nurgle’s chosen, Sócrates won a “Herald of Nurgle” 40K miniature, courtesy of Doc’s Games Store.


André Mancini is seen here receiving the prize for Valter (who had to leave early) vouching he’d deliver the 40K miniature, courtesy of Doc’s Games Store.


Charlie won yet another 40K miniature, courtesy of Doc’s Games Store.


Vitor Kenner also bagged a Warhammer 40.000 miniature courtesy of Doc’s Game Store.


Felipe Castello also won a 40K model, courtesy of Doc’s Games Store.


Arthur Bobany won a paint rack, courtesy of ES Jogos.


Volpato also bagged a paint rack, courtesy of ES Jogos.


Marcelo Guedes got himself another treat from Ton Works, a scenery piece this time.


Jefferson Filgueiras also got an Eden starter set, courtesy of Happy Games Factory.


Baldo algo took home a copy of the “Infinity: Outrage” manga, courtesy of Magus Boardgames.


André Mancini won a paint set, courtesy of ES Jogos.


Ton got himself a complete copy of the Drakerys board game, courtesy of Don’t Panic Games.


Organizing events is tough. I’ve always known that, especially after helping to carry a lot of tables on a van from “Red Coat” to the gaming venue and back again after it was done, with the guys that organized events in Rio de Janeiro, back in the day. Assuming the organization of an event such as the “Rumble in the Jungle” is a big deal, there’s a lot of things to organize, people to talk to, stuff to manage and in the end all that hard work is rewarded when I see participants having a good time over the weekend. The burden of organizing everything is always made lighter by friends I have the honor and the privilege to rely on, which brings us to the moment of saying thanks to those that deserve it.


































So to begin with I’d like to thank the participants of “Rumble in the Jungle III – O Imperium Contra Thraka”, Felipe Castello Branco, Arthur Bobany, Ismael Nicholas Schröer, Vitor Schulze KennerLeonardo Cabral Colombo, Luiz Felipe Baldo Marques, Socrates Kentaro Matsuura, Marcelo Guedes, Charlie Scalabrin, Ton Furegatto, André Mancini, Jefferson Filgueira, Luiz Guilherme Volpato, Valter Camelo and my good friend Luis Carlos De Carvalho Dores, all of which enrolled for the event and made it even better by being present. I also take this chance to congratulate the winners once more, the prizes you’ve won are the just reward for all your effort in this hobby, guys.


Second, I’d like to say a heartfelt “thank you” to the friends that in a way or another have contributed to making the “Rumble in the Jungle III – O Imperium Contra Thraka” the huge success it was, so, here’s my thank you  to my mates Ivan Almeida, Monty, Henrique Pereira, Babu, Alexander Palma, André “Tocha”, “Ultra”Marcos and AJ. It’s great to have you along for the ride guys.


I’d also like to give a heartfelt thank you to the sponsors that have believed in our project, in all the hard work we’ve put into the hobby community in Brazil and that truly understand the importance of aiding the hobby community here through their sposnsorship, either giving us materials to be given away to participants, or offering us help in any way to make the event a reality. So thanks once again to Roleplay, Lúdica, ES JOGOS, TonWorks, Cervejaria Louvada, Taverna Corvo Negro, Magus Boardgames, Figone – JBT figure art, Happy Games Factory, Discount_Games_Store, Don’t Panic Games e GAMEMAT.EU.


Finally I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our visitors that showed up to check on th Warhammer 40.000 game and to get to meet the guys from the CCWB club. They even got the chance to sit down and enjoy some board games. Feel welcome to attend our events guys, as in the end, having a fun time is what the “Rumble in the Jungle” events are about.



And I guess that’s what we had to write about the “Rumble in the Jungle III – O Imperium Contra Thraka”. I truly hope the event’s 3rd edition has met the expectations of our participants and that this article serves to register the fantastic weekend of gaming we’ve had. Do you feel like attending a “Rumble”? Come to the jungle. We’ll be happy to have you.


See you around here soon. Over and out.

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  1. Seems like a great event! Nice tables and armies looked ace! It’s really cool to see how your events have grown and evolved. I can recognize a lot of what you write and what your events has gone through by looking at my own series of events “Lords of War 40k” – we started small and in January we are holding our third installment! Great times to be alive and throw dice!

    1. Hi Fredrik!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment mate. Glad you found our new address.

      Rumble in the Jungle III was indeed great and I’m having a lot of fun organizing it. High hopes I’ll get to play next year.


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