Dark Angels Vs Grey Knights – Battle report.

Dark Angels Vs Grey Knights – Battle report.


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Esta é a versão em inglês do nosso relatório de batalha mais recente. Você pode conferir a versão em português através deste link.




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In order to kick off 2019 here on the blog I am publishing today another battle report with the narrative of my latest game against Andre Mancini’s Dark Angels. The game was played on December 29th, 2018 at “The Painting Frog’s Jungle Dome” (also known as “my house”).

Having recently attended “Sao Paulo Clash 40K – 2018” (a Warhammer 40.000 event held in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil on  December the 1st, 2018, at  Clube Paulista de Wargames new chapterhouse. It was organized by “Ultra”Marcos from CPT&P and by André “Tocha” Moreau from Coffee Stain Studio) we opted for a more “narrative” game using the  worst mission ever: The Relic.


In our shared narrative both my Grey Knights and Mancini’s Dark Angels were both attempting to extract from the battlefield an Imperial Guardsman. Aparently this poor soul was in the know about some DARK secret from the Dark Angels (that’s pretty dark, hun?!) and suddenly became a prime target for both forces.


Without further ado, let’s get to the report.



Every single footstep echoed on his ears like thunder. He tried to move silently, but his heartbeats pounded both on his chest and temples, his strenuous breathing made it hard to keep going, his lungs burning with each new air intake.


“ – They’re going to find me… they’re going to find me…” that constant thought and fear accompanied Guardsman Howell, making him shiver under the impression he was making too much noise as he ran through the planetary port. They were after him. He could feel it in his very bones.




“ – Bleep”.

The auspex screen lit up bathing sergeant Saleon’s face in green light.

“ – Right on time” said the scout that answered to “number 03” with a smile as he patted his sniper rifle. They were all fresh from their induction into the chapter and hadn’t received names yet.

Without a word, Saleon signalled the Scout Squad to assume their previously assigned positions covering all access points to the planetary port.




The entire mission on the Ossiria system smelled bad from the beginning. So the Imperium loses contact with an entire planetary system and sends five battalions of the Imperial Guard to check what’s amiss and to reestablish contact. FIVE BATTALIONS with accompanying armored companies, aerial support from the Imperial Navy and even a titan. Emperor on the throne they had a titan.

“ – It’s going to be an easy ride! Easier than finding a tick on a Catachan!” said Guardsman Evans and everyone on their unit would laugh themselves to tears. Howell did, every single time he heard that joke, and Evans told it a lot, but now his tears were despair ones. An entire platoon had been butchered, Evans had been the first to die as half his torso was pulverized by an exploding bolter round. The traitors had come from the sky on screaming jetpacks that seemed to howl with a life of their own. He had to lie with the dead, lying still and using the bodies of his deceased comrades to hide as the traitors moved on. The color of their armor was wrong, but he recognized the scraped symbol on their shoulder guards and chest plates. The traitors wore the winged sword of the Dark Angels.




“ – BOOMF!”

Even mufled by the silencers, the sniper rifle used by the Scouts had a characteristic sound when fired.

“ – You missed 03!” Scout 02 mixed both satisfaction and incredulity in his voice.

Saleon signalled the Scouts asking for silence, while he used his sub-vox to contact the main force: “ – Target neutralized. beginning aquisition”, Saleon signalled again directing the Scout unit to advance towards the Guardsman“ – We’ll need reinforcements for the extraction” continued the sargent as he followed the trajectory of the silver Thunderhawk Transporter descending from the sky and maneuvering to deploy the troops it carried “ – We’ll have company” he finalized contact as he moved quickly to reach the objective before the newly arrived enemy forces.



The battlefield, one of the planetary ports in Ossiria III.



Hit by a Sniper Scout, Guardsman Howell seeks shelter near a control tower at the planetary port.


Deployed by the Thunderhawk Transporter a Land Raider carrying a unit of Terminators gets ready to advance.


On the opposite side a Tactical Squad from the Dark Angels occupies fortified ruins.


Another Tactical Squad takes shelter in a ruined building with clear sight to Guardsman Howell.


On their left flank, the Dark Angels deployed a Predator tank.


More Grey Knights are deployed, using the Land Raider’s bulk as cover.


The Scouts finally catch up with their prey.


More Dark Angels occupy fortified positions.


One of the Grey Knights’ Strike Squads take position on the top of an armored bastion, to give covering fire to its brethren on the ground level.


The Dark Angels mimic the Grey Knights and perch a Devastator Squad atop another bastion.


The Scouts make their move attempting to secure their quarry.


The Grey Knights begin hostilities as they advance towards the center of the battlefield.


Pouring fire into the Scout Squad, the Grey Knights neutralize the immediate threat to Guardsman Howell.


Tagging along the Land Raider two Grey Knights’ Strike Squads move to secure the objective, lending their firepower to assist in the elimination of the Scouts.


On their right flank, a solitary Dreadnought opens fire on the Predator.


The Dark Angels commander is ready to begin his turn.


Two Tactical Squads leg it towards Guardsman Howell.


Accompanying the Tactical Squads, a green monstrosity from the time of the Horus Heresy.


The Leviathan had a clear goal in its advance: The Land Raider.


A hulking war machine.


It only takes a second …


… for the best laid plans to unravel. Concentrated fire from the Dark Angels and a devastating hit from the Leviathan destroy the Land Raider in an espetacular explosion, not only killing three of the embarked terminators, but also claiming the lives of another three Grey Knights from the nearby Strike Squad.


On their turn, the remaining Terminators and the Strike Squad still in fighting conditions converge on the objective and secure Guardsman Howell.


To lend assistance one Dreadknight is teleported nearby.


Another Dreadknight is teleported onto the battlefield.


In the meantime, the remaining Grey Knights from the wounded Strike Squad take shelterin a fuel dump.


The newly arrived Dreadknight vaporizes one of the Tactical Squads in a fusillade of fire.


The second Dreadknight isn’t able to perform like its more experienced battle brother, and a few Dark Angels remain.


On their subsequent turn, seeing the surviving Guardsman secured by the Grey Knights, the Dark Angels react with renewed savagery. The bulk of the Ravnwing moves on the direction of the objective.


The Leviathan begins a pincer move around the communication tower.


The Terminators find themselves the target of the combined massed fire of the Ravenwing Bikers.


Following the demise of the Terminators, the Strike Squad finds themselves the target of a very unwelcome charge from the Ravenwing Bikers.


While having lost one of their number, the Grey Knights were able to prevail, and butchered down the Ravenwing Bikers with their force halberds. Seeing their chance they retreated towards their lines.


The previous turn also saw Dark Angels reinforcements arriving in the form of a squad of Deathwing Terminators that promptly charged the Librarian. Realising the threat they posed, the Grey Knight captain prepares to counter them.


The surviving Dreadknight descends from the landing pad (it’s counterpart blown to bits by the Dark Angels on the previous turn) and moves on the direction of the Landspeeder. The two remaining Grey Knights from the wounded Strike Squad, moves forward trying to buy time for their battle brothers to retreat.


The Librarian falls back from combat, giving the Strike Squad nearby the chance to shoot the Deathwing Terminators. the Grey Knight captain moves in.


The pair of Grey Knights tries to charge the Dark Angels, but is cut down by the overwatch fire of the heavy bolter.


The Dreadknight charges the Landspeeder.


And the brother captain charges the Deathwing Terminators.


In a flurry of blows he quickly deals with the Terminators…


… prevailing at the end of the combat.


The Dreadknight also destroys the Landspeeder.


Their losses seemed to have no impact on their desire to fight, and the Dark Angels launched themselves into the fray with vigour. The Leviathan moved towards the Dreadknight.


The Predator tank also moved forward maneuvering with the Dreadknight in its sights.


The entire contingent of Dark Angels surge forward. Tacticals, commanders, the remaining bikers. They seemed possessed.


The Dreadknight is brought down by the combined fire of the Predator, Tactical and Leviathan.


The captain watches impotent as yet another Strike Squad, the ones escorting Guardman Howell, is brought down by the firepower of the Dark Angels. The carnage seemed futile, precious lives of the warriors of Titan and of the 1st Legion, a chapter which should be their ally, wasted over a mere Imperial Guardsman. This was madness.


Seeing he had no means of standing against the madness fueled rage of the Dark Angels the Grey Knights retreat, using the teleportarium bays of the ships in orbit to exfill from the battlefield.


Victory of the Dark Angels.


This game saw an interesting occurence as four of my previous padawans gathered together on the same place. From left to right: Valter Camelo, Murilo “Malaba”, André Mancini, myself and Fábio “Fabota”.



As another of his units was mercilessly cut down as they tried to extract the Imperial Guardsman, the Grey Knight’s captain realised he wouldn’t be able to stand against the savagery of the Dark Angels.


The sons of The Lion attacked with unmatched fury each time the Grey Knights secured the wounded Guardsman, sacrificing wave after wave of their numbers in frontal assaults, and even emplying relics from the time of the Great Crusade… it made no sense. The First Legion did not fight like that.


The losses of the Grey KNights prevented the small extraction force to offer any more resistance to the  Dark Angels.


“ – Retreat.” the captain voxed his order to the few remaining units. There was no sense in fighting.




“ – Execute contingency plan.” The vox sounded in the inner ear apparatus of the operative. Standing still his body glove made him completely invisible. From the distance he could watch through his Exitus Rifle’s scope the  unfolding action around the captured Guardsman.


Two Dark Angel Space Marines stood alongside the kneeling soldier, one on each side, while other five or six stood guard around the perimeter. Nearby a Rhino Transport, its engine idling while smoke poured out of its exausts. Suddenly the back door opened slowly and from the shadowy interior a hulking figure stepped out, his black power armor was decorated with golden skulls and winged swords, and his features were hidden by a foreboding helmet fashioned like a skull… an Interrogator Chaplain.


With a fast and precise movement, the operative chambered a special round on his Exitus Rifle, shouldering the gun while he aquired his target through his scope. A fraction of a second later the skull of the Guardsman exploded in a red mist like a ripe penga melon falling from its tree. Before the lifeless body of the soldier hit the ground bolter rounds started exploding on its position breaking chunks of the wall, but he was already gone, melding with the shadows after having completed his assigned task.




And I guess that’s all for today. Did you like the report? Do you like this kind of content? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it. Before going I’d like you to consider following us on our other media outlets: Instagram, Facebook and Youtube!


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