Dark Angels Vs Space Wolves – Battle Report.

Dark Angels Vs Space Wolves – Battle Report.


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Yesterday I had the satisfaction of welcoming in my house my old oponent Fabio Barros. Fabio used to be my student and started playing Warhammer 40.000 after an exchange experience back in the day. We used to play together and I helped him build his Space Wolves army over 10 years ago. Yes, you’ve read that right. TEN YEARS AGO!


He has moved away since then and we lost touch (as I also moved away from our shared hometown) however we’ve recently restablished contact through Facebook and as he came home for the holidays I thought it would be nice for us to get together, chat  and roll some dice with toy figures fighting on the table. Last time we had met I couldn’t offer him a drink (as he was underage back then) so it was high time we shared a drink as well.

Having been horribly beaten recently defeated by my mate Andre Mancini (there’s some photos of that game on the Instagram page of the blog), I thought it would be nice to wipe that grin of his face and wipe the floor with him pay him back the favor and I invited him over to play as well. As he showed up with his Dark Angels I thought it would be nice if me and Fabio got to face him using our Space Wolf armies.


I wish I knew what Andre had in store for us.




Battle had raged till the early hours of the day, but it had ceased some time ago. The Wolf Scouts sent to ascertain what had passed had returned and reported that Eldar forces had attacked and been crushed by the Dark Angels defending the orbital batteries a few miles west of their position.


Radio silence had been broken shortly after by one of the Blood Claw units stationed as sentries. Apparently the Dark Angels were converging on the position held by the small Space Wolves force and the orbital disembarking station in DUNUS IV. All attempts to reestablish contact with the Blood Claws after their first contact had been met with silence.


The face of the old Wolf  Guard suddenly assumed a serious expression as he heard the news relayed by his second in command. “Send a request for reinforcements to Uffe Giantsbane e position our forces… We’ll be attacked soon!” commanded Hakon as he sat on his combat motorcicle.


With an incredulous look the younger Wolf Guard dared, as all young ones do, to challeng his senior “But they’re our allies Hakon”.


“Not when they’re trying to erase their sins puppy. Send my message” answered the old Space Wolf as he set off towards the armored tower which housed ammunition.


The battlefield at DUNUS IV.




Another view from the battlefield.


Wolf Guard Hakon on his combat motorcicle.


A small unit of Grey Hunters Occupies one of the fortified towers.


A Venerable Space Wolves Dreadnought. I painted this model for Fabio over 10 years ago and I still find it a nice paintjob. Glad to see it after all these years.


A young Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor and a Vindicator nearby. Wolf Guard was also painted by me years ago.


Atop the landind platform another Grey Hunters unit awaits the arrival of the enemy forces.


Dark Angels units start taking to the field. A Tactical Squad is seen here on the right flank of the Space Wolves.


A Ravenwing unit of bikers advances on the left flank.


A Predator tank covers the advance of the first Tactical Squad.


Advancing from the oposite side of its main forces, another Tactical Squad moves forward embarked on a Rhino, being followed by the commanders of the Dark Angels.


The players gathered before the hostilities begin. From left to right we have Fabio Barros, Andre Mancini and myself.


Wolf Scouts get to the battlefield after the Dark Angels.


Wolf Guard Hakon. This is yeat another model I have converted and painted before gifting it to Fabio all those years ago. I remember we thought it would be great to have him riding a giant wolf, way before Thunderwolves were ever released.


The Space Wolves didn’t wait to see if the Dark Angels had come in peace and started firing as soon as the green armored marines were in range. The Grey Hunters opened fire againt the Ravenwing bringing one of them down and hurting another.


Nearby, Wolf Guard Hakon charges the commander of the Dark Angel forces, while the Space Marine next to it performs a heroic intervention and joins the fight. Unfortunately the Space Wolves firts turn would produce very little casualties on the Dark Angels..


At the beginning of the Dark Angel’s turn a Tactical Squad disembarks from the Rhino, while the Librarian look for cover behind the Aegis defense line.


Reinforcements of the Dark Angels get to field at the end of their movement phase with Deathwing Terminators and a Drop Pod touching down near the landing pad and encircling the defending Space Wolves. In the following shooting phase they opened fire against the Wolf Scouts.


The advancing Rhino lends firepower to the attack againt the Wolf Scouts. At the end of the Dark Angels shooting phase the Wolf Scouts were no more.


The Ravenwing bikers advances in order to secure the objective for the Dark Angels.


Concentrated fire from the Predator, the Tactical Squad and the Ravenwing proves too much for the Venerable Dreadnought.


At the fight phase the combined power of the commander and the space marine made short work of the Wolf Guard.


This picture shows how devastating for the Space Wolves was the Dark Angels’ firt turn. The Space Wolves’ garrison was reduced to two units of Grey Hunters and the Vindicator.


The second turn of the Space Wolves was marked by the arrival of Uffe Giantsbane and his company. Trying to twart the advance of the Dark Angels’ commanders a unit of Wulfen on a Razorback and a Rune Priest advance from one side, while Uffe Giantsbane, a unit of Thunderwolves and a unit of Switclaws converge on the Dark Angels’ reinforcements.


Having witnessed the slaughter of their leaders the Grey Hunters advance fearlessly, albeit foolishly, against the Deathwing Terminators.


The Swiftclaws are able to charge the Dark Angels that had disembarked from the Drop Pod.


The ensuing fight phase proves how devastating a Space Wolf charge can be.


At the end of the second Space Wolf turn this is how the battlefield looked.


The Ravenwing followed their orders and got to the position they were supposed to hold, while at the same time gunning down the Grey Knights occupying the bastion.


The Terminators bring down the Grey Hunters.


The Wulfen disembark thirsting for blood.


The Rune Priest advances alongside the Wulfen.


The Dark Angels prepare themselves to receive the unavoidable charge.


The remaining Terminators shoot Uffe Giantsbane, after he had dispatched what was left of the Dark Angels Tactical Squad.


Having suffered heavy losses the generals of the Space Wolves, me and Fábio, conceded the game at the beginning of our fourth turn. There was very little Uffe and the remaining Thunderwolves could do to change the outcome of the match. At this picture we see the maddened look of the Dark Angel general celebrating his victory.


The huge wolf Grimnir growled its discontentment as its master reigned it in. The wolf’s muzzle ws still soaked in Dark Angel’s blood torn apart a few feet behind it. As much as he understood his mount and shared its will to advance and slaughter the treacherous sons of the Lion, Uffe Giantsbane knew there was nothing else to be gained from that battle. He had arrived too late.


Having eliminated all members of old Hakon’s garrison, the Dark Angles were busy entrenching themselves consolidating the tactical advantage. No, there would be no glory on this day, only further lost lives and Uffe wasn’t ready to sacrifice his brethren as pawns in some silly game.


“Let the Dark Angels celebrate their victory… we shall live to fight another day and with wrath and great blooshed we will exact our revenge” divined the Wolf Lord as he retreated with what was left of his forces.




And that’s it for today folks. Hope to see you around here soon.


*EDIT – Some people have messaged me asking about the gaming mat featured on the battle report.  It is the limited/signature edition “Forges of Mars” gaming mat from Gamemat.eu. I have already reviewd their mats here and this battle report only serves to showcase their incredible quality once more.

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